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Life Balance Practitioner Development & Certification Training

We can learn to recognize the power of the subtle energies in the body and understand that a change in our magnetic or energetic field (Chi, Prana, Life Force Energy) will create a new state of energy, health or sense of well-being. 
In this class we will bring to the forefront of our awareness the stuff that science tries to ignore. We will explore the concept of energy, the systems that govern the movement of energy within the body, how to detect blockages in the flow of energy and what we can do about it. 
We also examine the multitude of Psychic Abilities and how to utilize these abilities with ethics and responsibility. 
The community of Life Balance Practitioners and Mentors provides a safe space to connect, share ideas for the good of all and learn to be accountable to self and each other. 

This 20 hr Professional Development program will teach you the Life Balance System of energy reading & awareness, guidance, clearing and balancing.

Learn to: 
~ Understand types of gifts, systems and tools
~ Access clear intuition & channel for highest purpose
~ Read, Translate & Clear energy within the body
~ Maintain energetic boundaries & protections
~ Walk your talk with TRUE SELF CONFIDENCE.

Learn the System ~ Drop the System

After 20 documented sessions, & a final assessment session with your Life Balance Mentor, you will be certified as a Life Balance Practitioner.

~ Assessment Session (value $150) 
~ Life Balance Practitioner Program (20hrs) 
~ 3 Mentor Meetups (with your mentor) (value $450)
~ 2+ scheduled Practice Nights per month (with your Practitioner Community) 
~ Final Examination (on your mentor)

Investment: $450 (Payment plans available)

Boulder, CO~ 06/28, 06/29 (7-10pm), 06/30, 07/01(10- 5pm)

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Upcoming Workshops

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